Wouldn’t you love to see actual results from an eco house near you and see how much you could save? Take a look at some of the results below.

154 Beach Road, Haumoana

This house uses a fair bit of power – aircon on in the home office, the washing machine and dishwasher are used every day, and people like to shower. The daily power cost was averaging $8.84/day. A decision was made to make the place more eco-friendly and reap the long-term benefits, and the following was installed:

  • 7k PV panels
  • 4.5k Hotwater heat pump and tank
  • LED lighting

Additionally, the house was connected to electricity through Electric Kiwi who offer the free “hour of power” (more details on the Energy Solutions page) – the washing machine and dishwasher are on timers and set to come on during the hour of power.

The Hotwater heatpump was also set on a timer to come on at 8:30am when the PV panels are generating electricity.

The result? Daily power charge is now averaging $3.90/day. That is a saving of nearly $5/day, a total of $1722 a year, meaning in 6.6 years the investment would have paid for itself, and everything beyond that is money saved.

eco house power savings

Want to know more about what products and solutions there are to help reduce your eco-footprint and cut down on energy costs? Take a look at our Energy Solutions page.

Power Generated By The Meridian First Light House Eco Bach

Please check back here regularly to see the latest power readings from the First Light House Eco House (Bach) in Waimarama beach.

Readings and temperatures from 12th – 13th November 2014

West side panels

eco house power readings - Year 14-11-12 to 14-11-13 WEST

East side panels

Year 14-11-12 to 14-11-13 EAST

Daily Average Power generated: 26.5 kWh over 12 months

WEATHER 14-10-12 to 14-11-13

Temperatures: -2.0 – 35.0 deg

Readings and temperatures from 1st – 30th May 2013

West side panels

1-05-13 to 30-05-13 WEST

East side panels

1-05-13 to 30-05-13 EAST

Daily Average Power generated: 17kwh


WEATHER 1-05-13 to 30-05-13

Temperatures: 0.0 – 26.0 deg

Where to from here?

Would you like to learn more about how you can save money, every month, on your power bill? To find out how SS Homes can help you achieve results like these, please:

  1. Have a look on your Electricity bill and see how many kWhs you are using daily, and what an eco house could save you over the long-term.
  2. Take a look at the Energy Solutions page to learn more about the products themselves.
  3.  Get in touch with Jason to arrange a consultation.