When we needed to build we were fortunate to get a recommendation to use SS Homes from a highly trusted and well known’tradie’ in the industry. The timing of his recommendation was excellent as we’d done a bit of looking around at this stage and had grown concerned with the ‘sales pitch without substance’ approach. It proved to be excellent advice. Jason met with us, explained his process and we knew we’d found the right person.
The challenge for Jason was to satisfy me (a Project Manager fixated with accuracy, detail and cost). Jason’s task was to “design and build Nana a compact modern, very high quality, low maintenance, 1.5 bedroom, very spacious feeling, light filled, passively heated home, with indoor areas that seamlessly blend into the outdoors”. All this on the front lawn of an existing property with a restricted footprint – and all for a minimal fixed budget. This house needed a ‘big house’ feel on a ‘small house’ footprint and budget.
The challenge for me was to ensure no stone was left unturned – it had to be ‘plug and play’ with everything included and no surprises. It had to meet the budget. I dreaded to hear those fateful words ‘that’s not included in the pricing’. And hear it, I did not, not even once. I also did not lift a Project Management finger. I never entered the council building. I sat back and waited for the email that said I had to choose things by this date – like paint colours, tiles, carpet, benchtop laminate – the fun stuff. I watched it all unfold, on time and $53.00 under budget – it was pleasurable.
From the outset I liked the approach – the full design process, the absolute transparency in pricing, the inclusion of the quotes from other suppliers, the structure of the payment schedule and ease of working with Jason. No stone was left unturned – we knew exactly what we were getting and for what price.
Throughout the building process we had total confidence in the team, the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail. Nana’s home was completed on schedule and for the contracted price. Jason, the builders and all the sub contractors were great and enjoyable to work with. Their advice, explanations and recommendations along the way were all spot on and they all worked in with each other to manage a seamless build schedule. “Nana’s house” ticks every box and we are thrilled with the quality of the build every day. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jason for design and build. Thanks again, hopefully we can do it again one day.

Andrea Cousens and Margaret Cousens