The key to building a beautiful home begins with house design. Any builder can put a box on a bare piece of land, but Jason at SS Homes has an allergy to cookie cutter house design. That’s why every home he designs is unique. But more than simply adding wow factor to the street appeal, Jason’s designs consider many more factors, such as lifestyle, privacy and how a house will make the best use of its location.

When the owners of an Eskridge Drive property in Napier came to SS Homes, they had a general idea of the size, layout and shape of the new home they wanted to build. So Jason drew plans that met the brief, but he took the house design to a completely new level of modern sophistication. The owners were thrilled with the ideas and the build went ahead.

The plot sits on the hills overlooking Linden Estate and across the landscape towards Mahia and Gisborne. The floor plan was arranged to really take in the views, with outdoor living spaces, kitchen, dining, living and bedrooms all facing north. Naturally, this has the additional benefit of adding light and warmth to the home. Jason’s extra touch was to add a green tint to the double glazing, which enhances landscape and sea views. As light and open as it feels, the house is also very private.

The design of the house is as visually stunning as the landscape, standing out as a piece of modern architectural design while blending naturally with the surrounding environment. The colour palette blends ebony with cedar and earth tones. The geometric lines are further complemented with vertical batons, cedar beams and lots of glass. The floors are cut concrete, which shows the stones, giving the polished surface a natural, speckled pattern.

The living spaces are separate to provide discreet areas for adults and children to do activities or relax. The open-plan kitchen brings more clean, white lines to the space. The large tiled patio and dining area also picks up cedar and earth tones so the colour palate flows indoors to out.

Everywhere, you look, there’s careful consideration to the design, right down to the details, such as matching ebony electrical fittings. It goes to show that great design isn’t always just about the big picture.

Design elements and colour:

  • Walls and skirting boards: Resene Speights 3 (SAH03)
  • Kitchen, dining and main lounge: Resene Triple Speights 3 (SAH03)
  • Ceilings, doors and architrave door frames: Resene Sea Fog N92-005-100
  • Floors: Cut and polished concrete
  • Bathroom floors: Nordic Danimarca 45×90 tiles
  • Main bathroom and en-suite shower: Subway White 7×28 tiles
  • Patio: Saylee Cream Rough 60×60 tiles and Jardim Botanico 11×120 tiles
  • Lighting and electrical fittings: Slimline Linea