T-J Webb and Glenn Martin

Building a new home Is exciting and adventurous but also can be very draining because of the emotional and learning component. We had completed several major renovations and a recent new house build before embarking on this process and, even so, things had changed a lot. We were building in a completely different place— in fact a different country—and it was a bigger project than the other ones. So, even though we were relatively experienced as renovators/builders, it was still a learning curve but so very rewarding.

Some people say, “Oh yeah, everyone can design a house.” Yes, there are lots of people who can design a collection of spaces and put labels on them and say, these functions could happen here but it’s a bit different when you’re talking about the spirit of a house and what it feels like living there. SS Homes and Jason bring design intelligence to the process. Design intelligence means that person is considering and thinking and weighing up, because buildings are living things, and we want our buildings to outlast us as well as reflect us.

I think my favourite thing about working with SS Homes was working with Jason on a building that will house our life. It’s a place where there’ll be happy times, there’ll be sad times. Our home is incredibly flexible and robust.

What I love about it is that the house must be able to do lots of different things and it will mean lots of different things to people. It has a strong sense of individuality and performs in so many ways. The other rewarding thing is that we’ve had amazing responses from neighbours to our building, saying that it’s modernity and sense of adventure has inspired them. So, my advice is to take a few risks with your design and let SS Homes bring them into your life to make your living experience better.

TJ & Glenn