Knauf – Timoti Rd

When we first thought about purchasing land on top of a hill, one of our first priorities was to ensure the site was in fact suitable for what we’d planned. Jason was great in the early stages, helping to put our mind at ease regarding the site and the possibilities, then putting us in contact with an excellent contractor to expedite initial earthworks, proving it’s not just what you know!

Our second priority was to ensure we had an accurate costing. Everyone always tells you “it will cost more than you’d planned”. Our build came in on budget, with everything we expected, and included all the little things we didn’t think of. Importantly, there were no major surprises.

As for the finished product, we love it!! The design quality, and the finish from the builders and sub-trades were excellent. 2020 wasn’t an easy time to build a new home, but aside from delays that were beyond their control, SS Homes ensured everything went pretty much according to plan.

Michael & Nicole Knauf